Ryan Gerald Nelson
My works are conceptual depictions of the different stages of the metamorphosis of the Image as it enters and exits the sleek surfaces of capture and display that the Image inhabits. Each stage depicts a distinct moment, frozen in time, often in the nanoseconds before or after an intended Image displays itself within its space/surface. Each Image undergoes this cycle of electro-biological transmogrification—transitioning with perceived ease, but violently in reality—that moves from Static to Anticipation to Visibility/Signal to Veil/Annihilation to Residue, its remnants eventually cycling back and starting anew.

The Image, while spending most of its existence in a state of Visibility/Signal, does not arrive nor depart from that state of being without a major transformation of its vast amount of constituent parts. Untethered particles come into order, maintain a relative degree of stability, but ultimately un-align themselves and disperse.

My works document these various in-between states of Image particles moving from a mercurial state, to stasis, to entropy.